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Re: [Ambassadors] Introduction-New FA

2008/6/22 Prakhar Agarwal <prakhar jiit gmail com>:
Hello All,
I have just joined the Fedora Ambassador Group. I'm Senior Year Under-graduate student from India with major IT. I have been using fedora from the time I started using Linux, be it university labs or PC.
I really love Fedora and have been involved in promoting it as a user. Now, I'll be officially supporting it thanks to the community. I plan to introduce Fedora to my peers and juniors in their day-to-day activities or computing necessities. Also, I will aim to encourage as many enthusiasts as possible to get involved in the community and development process. I hope that my collaboration with Fedora community will be beneficial to all.
Thanks for accepting me to be a part of your group.

Welcome dear.

Hacking is good
Hackers human
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