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Re: [Ambassadors] Self introduction...

2008/6/23 Anton Arapov <aarapov redhat com>:
Hi there!

 My name is Anton, and feel free to pronounce it however you feel, this kind of international enough name - Anthony/Tony/Tonda/WhatNot ... :)
 Formerly I'm from Vladivostok/Russian Federation, but at this moment living in Brno/Czech Republic while working at Red Hat.

 My first Linux was Caldera Linux, that was created by the former Caldera Systems, *doh*, SCO Group now...
 So that I'm living with Linux from the end of 1995.

 I used Linux everywhere I can at my previous jobs, you can find on LinkedIn. The most significant was the whole IT Infrastructure switch from M$ to Linux at the one of the biggest Rail-Road Logistic company, which was planned and implemented from the very beginning by me.
 At the moment I'm Kernel Team Lead in Brno, working at Red Hat, as a part of non-Lead duties I'm eliminating bugs in Linux Kernel. Busy enough by daily duties, but...
 I'm going to contribute into Fedoraproject my free/spare time. Will try to share my expertise in Linux with everybody who will need it, just feel free to ask me. And of course, I'm sharing all the statements of the Fedora Ambassadors! :)

 At least, I will be available at IRC: aarapov @ #fedora-kernel and #fedora-mktg.

See you soon...

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Welcome Arapov...

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