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Re: [Ambassadors] Introduction-New FA

Welcome to the club

Bigyan Bhar

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2008/6/25 Vidur Mittal <vidurmittal gmail com>:
Welcome Abroad to the community

2008/6/25 mak <mahayalamkhan gmail com>:

2008/6/25 rajan vaish <vaish rajan gmail com>:
I am Rajan Vaish from India.A Computer Science Major currently pursuing my B.S (4th year) from Jaypee University of Information Technology,Solan,India .I have been programming in C & C++ for last 3 years and lately started working on Java.Apart from the same I have also worked on technologies like .NET(using C#),AJAX some PHP & J2EE.
I have worked on UNIX and basic Shell Programming .Latter I was introduced to Linux world in College's Networking Lab,where on Fedora using C programs we were taught to Network(LAN).I have also used Linux for Compiler design Labs using LEX and YACC tools .
Lately by participating at Google Summer of Code,I got an opportunity to intern for OLPC ( One Laptop Per Child ) and to develop a Geography teaching tool for children using Open Source technologies like OpenLayers,MapServer,GeoRSS and QGIS,where I also have to develop installer/packages for Windows/Linux (OLPC XO Laptops run on Fedora)/Macintosh of the tool created.
I have not contributed to the Linux community earlier but with my existing knowledge and will to learn more and with my coming experiences with OLPC ,Fedora is going to last in my life forever and thats the platform I will be using for my final year project where I will be implementing a Ph.D thesis on a Computer Networking project from Stanford University.In the contributers program I saw that one can contribute in a number of ways,so I can help the  community  grow by spreading word about the same in my University and bring more value to the Fedora group.At times I can contribute to the Web Development and I have also worked on Internationalization while working on Google Gadgets ( http://www.googlemodules.com/author/Rajan+Vaish/ ) within 10 days of their release they have a statistics of more than 150 queries per day.I am thankful to be part of Fedora Ambassadors Program and ready to contribute in anyway I can.Thanks !!
Rajan Vaish
Country/Region : INDIA

Hello Rajan,
welcome to the community.

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With Best Regards
Vidur Mittal

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