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[Ambassadors] FrOSCon budget and planning

FAMSCo has set aside a budget of about 600 Euros for FrOSCon. Note that Max's travel costs and hotel to the event will *not* come out of this budget.

This budget can be used for any costs associated with the show, including swag, and also for subsidizing travel & accomodations for Ambassadors.

I have updated the FrOSCon page on the wiki:

Here are some of the questions that I would like to ask on the list:

1) Who has the posters and booth decorations from LinuxTag? How can we get some of those things for FrOSCon?

2) Who would like to volunteer to get some stickers made? In particular, I would like to see a good quality production of Nicu's sticker kit, but I leave it up to the actual volunteer.


3) We have two XOs in EMEA. Who has them? We need to get one to Robert Albrecht.

4) Max will work with local folks (probably Red Hat Germany) to get more Live CDs made, and also Tshirts.

5) We need someone to volunteer to look into accomodation options near the event. Probably someone who speaks German. :)


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