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RE: [Ambassadors] Greetings and Introduction

Welcome mate. Glad to have another high school student such as myself ;)


Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 22:36:36 -0400
From: jesusfreak91 gmail com
To: Fedora-ambassadors-list redhat com
Subject: [Ambassadors] Greetings and Introduction


My name is John McLean, and this summer I'm interning at Red Hat as a fedora intern.  This introduction is about two weeks late, because I've been moving and only in the past few days have had ready access to a computer.  At any rate, I'm a rising senior in high school at the NC School of Science and Math in Durham, North Carolina, USA.  I've been using linux for the past 7 or so months, after a friend introduced me to it in the form of ubuntu.  I used ubuntu for a while, and recently switched over to fedora, which is a great system.  Over the summer I hope to join/create a linux user group in my community to help promote open source.  Once school lets back in, I'll create a linux user group at my school for people to get together to talk and learn about linux/fedora and open source.  Hopefully, I'll be hosting a fedora 10 install party as well, though most people at my school who use linux are ubuntu fanatics, so hosting a fedora 10 install party may be more of a challenge.  Anyway, thats what I'm hoping to start with in terms of being a fedora ambassador to my community!

want to know anything else, just ask.  my irc nick is mcleanj, and I'm on irc most of the day.


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