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[Ambassadors] North & South America meeting time


I have recently joined the Fedora Ambassadors.

I would like to know if it is possible to use a different time for the N&SAm meeting on #fedora-meeting.
I live on the west coast (Oregon), and it would be difficult to attend this meeting on Monday at 12:00pm PST (20:00UTC) in the middle of the work day.

Perhaps we can discuss a better meeting time for those of us in the western hemisphere, since N&SAm are several hours off from UTC depending on where we live?  20:00UTC is good if you live near Greenwich, UK but it is difficult to attend an online meeting in the middle of the business day.
For PST it is 12:00pm, which could mean lunch hour, but what about CST and EST?  What if you don't have an hour for lunch, or you don't have internet access?

It is most likely too late to change it for March but perhaps for April?

I also hear a lot about the EMEA Ambassadors, LinuxTag and all these cool events in Europe.  What about N&S America?
Are there not many ambassadors in these areas?


Matt M.
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