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Re: [Ambassadors] To the EMEA NPO Board about NPO Logo

JoergSimon wrote:
I noticed a mail about a extra logo for the EMEA NPO - over the NPO Board-List - which is closed for normal members like me. That the list is closed - is absolut ok - if you discuss things like which bank account you will choose or when your next Boardmeeting will happen. But if you discuss things that affects the way how Fedora EMEA NPO presents the Fedora Project or the NPO itself like this Logo Proposal i insist that you do this in the open!

You're right, and we will.

Mind that you haven't read the follow-up on that list, and it says there exactly what you've worded here. I sure hope that in the future, if you hear about what is being discussed (or actually in this case; just being submitted to) on our little private mailing list, you will appreciate that it is:

1) being directed to this list instead, by the other board members, or
2) put on the agenda for a board meeting (mind the agenda is being sent to this list as well)

Also note that e-mail coming from either * fedoraproject org or * redhat com email addresses is directly accepted on the board's list[1] so that in effect it is a very good feedback / contact address for all of us, too.

So, what we're working at now is setting a date to register at the German Authorities (it'll include some traveling for all of us), during which we'll most probably have a short board meeting as well. The agenda is being made up as we go and ideas firm up about what it is we can do and how we can do such. This agenda will be sent around by the time the date for registering and meeting is set, and will therefore have some time to collect feedback on the items on the agenda from all of you.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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