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Re: [Ambassadors] CLT08 Day2

JoergSimon wrote:
CLT08 Day2

CLT is over and i wished i could say we all arrived savely, but right now Jens Kuehnel makes a odysee accross Germany to reach Amsterdam in the netherlands latest tomorrow, because RedHat needs a trainer there! But Storm "Emma" destroyed the ways so he started an 01:00pm in Chemnitz - direction north - Leipzig - then further to Frankfurt Main - but much to late, because some ways are destroyed - so he must take a train to South of Germany Stuttgart to take a train direct to Amsterdam. What really angry is, i started with Robert Scheck at 06:00pm in the evening and reached Stuttgart two hours ago!

After all, like Jens said yesterday - if you want contribute on a OpenSource Event, never Start with CLT - you will compare every event with this "best of the best" organized events and don´t want miss it anymore. In the other hand, i can´t imagine to have a better start.

How was it? This event had the largest Debian presence i ever seen on a event.
So every time i spoke with people who showed potential to contribute to the Fedora Project they commited "oh i use (contribute) only (to) Debian i would only hear what you do" :( Characteristic for Chemnitz is also, a high presence of women who are interested in Free Software - Chitlesh do you remember last year? And so i tried also to blabbing they in the Fedora Project but as before they use Debian, Ubuntu or one of the three BSD´s - geeky women! If you ask for potential of the "others", yes there is, but we need easier access as example for "Users" who want translate or do documentation work. Robert had his own little "install fest" with a guy who really needed his help. Jens gave his talk - and again i did´nt seen it.

See some pictures <http://www.simline.de/CLT08/> - and notice this event shows much potential for contributors and i would suggest to raise the presence next year.

Very nice! Once Jens is in the Netherlands though, he won't have any trouble other then the speed limit... I sure hope he makes it safe and sound.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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