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[Ambassadors] Fedora Events

Hi Friends & "family" ...

since a couple of weeks I think about our Event page, and every time
when I get the mail of the changes (yes, I subscribed for changes *g*) I
think about again ...

What do you think about splitting that global list in a reginal list?

I believe that there are many interested goals we can reach addional

- overview what happens in the area/region where I live
- go on planing on which Event I want to attend
- get an overview in which area/region is more/less activity and needs
our support
- and so on ...

What's your thoughts? Maybe all on the same page only more structured
and not mixed ...

Just an idea, or doable with a benefit for all?

The stage is yours ...


Gerold Kassube
Fedora Ambassador

Deutschland / Germany
Schweiz / Switzerland
Email: GeroldKa fedoraproject org

1024D/F33128B9   4ABC A903 F1F4 D9CC C422 AACA EDF1 DF42 F331 28B9

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