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Re: [Ambassadors] CDs and DVDs for South America

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Nicolas A. Corrarello wrote:

With budget from Red Hat Marketing we're hoping to make 300 Live cd's with the release of F9 to use in Argentina for FLISOL and others... These are CD's printed with Fedora Artwork (in the cd's face) but not in a box or anything, just a sleeve. I'm hoping to assist to fisl. I'll coordinate with David to check if he need anything that I can get from Red Hat here (we've a few Fedora banners and such...). I'm also hoping to get a little time space, to talk about cluster, or Fedora-ds. Anyway, last year we distributed some F6 dvd's in FLISOL but installs where through network (PXE, HTTP, NFS), It saved us a lot of time. Let me know if I can help with anything

That all sounds great -- I would say keep up with all of that. Greg DeKoenigsberg is going to be at FISL, and he is the guy in charge of the FISL budget. I know that he is working directly with David Barzilay to make sure that there is plenty of funding to produce DVDs, banners, flyers, etc. all locally for these events.



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