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as I wrote, booths are provided by Linux New Media.

Neither Debian nor Amarock nor OLPC nor Scribus ... are targeted for business.

Perhaps we can do it with CentOS together ?

cu romal

 Robert Scheck schrieb:
 > On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Gerold wrote:
 >>> As Cebit is the worlds largest computer fair, we should really get a
 >>> presence their next year.
 >> ^^
 >> I agree with one objection: The costs are somewhere in a budget and
 >> payable ...
 > Maybe Max and Paul can increase the budget for Fedora for FY10 just a very
 > little bit, that the 100 sqm are possible at Cebit as well? :-)))
 > Cebit is quite expensive, booth and hotel. And on the other hand, business
 > is not really the target audience of Fedora, sorry. Maybe CentOS should get
 > there, but not Fedora as bleeding edge for hackers. Just my 5 Ct...
 > Greetings,
 >  Robert

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