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Re: [Ambassadors] Cebit Report 2008

Well Robert,

maybe we should discuss this issue off topic on Linuxtag in a group
together with Max becuase I also see at the moment some "challenges" to
do so and also not to do so ...


Am Dienstag, den 11.03.2008, 21:38 +0100 schrieb Robert M. Albrecht:
> Hi,
> > Who is the audience?
> Cebit is mainly business, but there is a high percentage of endusers. Cebit 
> is flooding people with free tickets, as the visitors declinded the last years.
> Saturday they had even free entry for women.
> And Fedora is not strictly non-business. We use it in our company, 
> Wikipedia uses Fedora, Nasa, ...
> And Cebit is worldwide! I attended the KDE booth this year and had some 
> interessting talks to people from all over the world: India, Russia, 
> Chinese, some smaller countries like Rumania, Aserbaidshan and Ukraine.
> > Can we push them to support the FedoraProject? 
> The first step is to increase its visibility at all. Fedora is mostly 
> unkown in Germany.
> And for competitive reasons alone: Ubuntu, Debian and openSuse are present.
> The whole Redhat family is missing. Redhat was absent this year (god knows 
> why). Fedora and CentOS too.
> > And because it is a business focused event, there should be a concept to 
> > achieve certain goals, like - indroduce them the EPEL Repo, or how it can 
> > help to raise the quality of their "inhouse builds" to package for the EPEL 
> > Repo, or explain them why it is a good thing to encourage their employees to 
> > work for the Fedoraproject. 
> EPEL might be a good thing to show in a talk.
> I will try to get a presence in 2009.
> cu romal
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