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[Ambassadors] Re: Need to do something about Freemedia India.

Eugene Teo wrote:
<quote sender="gopal das">
Thank you Susmith, thank you Siddharth. "Blank media and return envelop"
idea is good. We can make a decision if we make us available for a meeting
in near future at fedora-india irc. A long gap  when we do not arrange a
meeting. And I also have some topic to discuss regarding some fedora
training program at schools. I have already started some initiative
regarding this but I like to discuss the matter with other Indian
ambassadors. So please fix up a date for a meeting so that we can made it
more prominent.

Is it possible to work with the local Linux magazine publishers like
LinuxForU to see if they can bundle the Fedora DVD with their magazine?
I believe the magazine is affordable to most, and this can help lighten
the media request load.

Linux For You already includes every release of Fedora the month after it has been released IIRC. Fedora is pretty popular in India but LFY doesn't reach everywhere and people are not aware of the magazine of that it includes Fedora for that particular month. Pointing more people to magazines like this is a pretty good idea and one I have done so personally on a few occasions.


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