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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: Meeting Minutes of Fedora EMEA NPO Meeting

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
On Tue, 2008-03-25 at 22:00 +0100, Robert Scheck wrote:
On Tue, 25 Mar 2008, Bill Nottingham wrote:
Obviously I'm unfamiliar with German law, but there *are* packages that
handle invoicing, balancing, etc. And people say the American
legal system is hostile to open source...
Please be aware, that ERP/GnuCash etc. != NPO management software. Managing
regular memberships or similar things is not the goal the software you have
mentioned in your mails.

A membership is a yearly fee, not a product. And if somebody has to add the
"membership product" to all of the members yearly, it isn't IMHO the target
audience - just to name an example.

Understood that you've been looking for a while for a workable solution.

Yes, we've scouted Google results, contacted some of the other parties in FOSS, and I've even requested my company to take this one up for a case-study and let new eployees/students, soon-to-be programmers, work on it. That's obviously merely scratching the surface but with the little amount of time that we had between the foundation meeting and the first board meeting (which included official registration), that's actually quite a lot of work in under 3 weeks with each of us having our own day-jobs.

Needless to say though you're right; we should take this up within our community and see if anyone has anything we might be able to use. Thomas Canniot already suggested Galette which we'll certainly be looking in to; Others might pop up with a few alternatives and like you suggested, we may need to add some more exposure to our quest for FOSS NPO Accounting Software. We'll most likely do that, because we (or do I need to say "I") will simply not commit to non-FOSS software no matter how much pressure there is, but at this point we will need something (whether it be a spreadsheet or SAP-like POS), and we will need to do it right, right-away. I'd rather do it right with something temporary, then do it wrong with something soon-to-be-sustainable.

Thanks for the suggestions[1] ;-)

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

[1] Recommended blog post ;-)

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