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[Ambassadors] fedora ambassador talk at liberaMENTE (Opera, italy,

Hi all, 
from 18 to 20 April, in Opera (near Milan, Italy) ti will be a
manifestation: LiberaMENTE which want focus topics on open and shared
participation, knowledge, contents and software.

Me, Francesco Crippa and other LOLUG (http://www.lolug.net) decided to
participate with few talks. We will to focus one of this talks on fedora
project introduction (Francesco Crippa will be the speaker ;-)), because
fedora need more spread in italy and also because there will be a huge
Ubuntu participation. :รพ

Anyone is invited to come there and to give feedback :-)
Our talk it will be 19 April about at 17:30 (GMT +1).

I just added it at fedora Events

Unfortunatly there is no more time (we receive invitation later) and ATM
there isn't an official event web site.


Today is Sweetmorn, the 13rd day of Discord in the YOLD 3174

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