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[Ambassadors] Fedora and Italian communities: What-a-Mess!

Hi guys,

I'd like to discuss with all of you the current situation we have in Italy regarding the Fedora Project and its unofficial communities.

# Fedora-it.org [ http://www.fedora-it.org/ ]

Maintained by ILDN (Italian Linux Distro Network), they provide both a forum (total users registered: 457) and a mailing list [1] in which there are registered, at the moment, 53 users:

- 36 non-digest users
- 17 digest users

# Fedora Italia [ http://www.fedoraitalia.org/ ]

Maintained by one guy, Glauco Zuccaccia; His site provide both news and a forum. He was one of the guys behind the website maintained by ILDN before the split (due to internal problems with the other guys, IIRC).

As I wrote above, both of them have also a lot of user base that could be better helped and trained regarding the Fedora project and its amazing community.

I already discussed about my thoughts with some of the italian guys that did a great job with Fedora byNight (members of LOLUG, probably the most active LUG in Italy at the moment regarding Fedora) and we thought about have an official mailing list hosted by Fedora itself: fedora-it-list

We could also try to merge existent italian mailing lists regarding Fedora in fedora-it-list and declare it as 'official'.

Next step with this mailing list would be, definitely, working with the existent communities and try to establish a bridge where work all together: OUR goal should be Fedora, how to spread it and how to help users, not doing personal wars for stupid things! And possibly, an unified, STRONG, system/community ;-)

We already have an IRC channel on Freenode, #fedora-it, and we would like to discuss these tings here with other ambassadors and read what they think about our ideas.

Best Regards,

[1] http://www.ildn.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fedora-it-lists.ildn.net

Gianluca Varisco, RHCE
Intern - Web Engineering, Red Hat Italia
Tel.: +39 02 9737 4654 (direct)
      +39 02 5681 4487
Fax : +39 02 669 3111
Cel.: +39 333 574 0934

Via Antonio Da Recanate 1
20124 Milano

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