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[Ambassadors] Re: Fedora and Italian communities: What-a-Mess!

On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 16:56 +0200, Gianluca Varisco wrote:


> We could also try to merge existent italian mailing lists regarding 
> Fedora in fedora-it-list and declare it as 'official'.
> Next step with this mailing list would be, definitely, working with the 
> existent communities and try to establish a bridge where work all 
> together: OUR goal should be Fedora, how to spread it and how to help 
> users, not doing personal wars for stupid things! And possibly, an 
> unified, STRONG, system/community ;-)

> We already have an IRC channel on Freenode, #fedora-it, and we would 
> like to discuss these tings here with other ambassadors and read what 
> they think about our ideas.

I completely agree. Every time a new guy come on our channel
(#fedora-it), ask us about an official forum or a localized official web

Italian community need a localized official place, not only for
technical reasons (there are a lot of ubuntu users that want to switch
or try fedora but they are blocked by English language, for example) but
also to allow Italian Fedora community strengthening.


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