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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: Fedora and Italian communities: What-a-Mess!

>  (#fedora-it), ask us about an official forum or a localized official web
>  site.

Official web site: fedoraproject.org without doubts :)

We can host our pages there (through the wiki) and we can work
translating the existing contents. I think a global point of reference
is the best way to recognized fedora brand moreover create another
site could be quite confusing for people (and for us) and it could be,
also, difficult to mantain.

Forum: i know in the past there were a lot of problems, fedora-it was
a fork of another forum, so, i don't know how many support we could
receive when we will ask them to come back all together. I think we
could use diplomacy and try to find a, possible, solution.

Another important point is that there aren't official fedora forums.
What we can do is to work creating a great community and cancel all
division between Italian fedorians :)

That's my point of view.


Francesco Ugolini

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