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[Ambassadors] Meeting Summary - FAMNA

At the FAMNA meeting on 5 Nov 2008 0100 UTC
the following individuals were present:

ke4qqq - David Nalley
DemonJester - Brian Powell
slasherzee - Doug Berry
herlo - Clint Savage
vwbusguy - Scott Phillips
crossbytes - Kevin Higgins

along with a cameo appearance from mdomsch (Matt Domsch)

*Status of a hackfest at the Linux Symposium was discussed.
*mdomsch called our attention to the upcoming elections and there was
a general call for NA Ambassadors to nominate themselves.
*Budget -
** We talked about the looming deadline for next quarters budget and
how items needed to be placed on /Events ASAP
** We talked about NA's current budget and where the remainder of that
was being allocated. (an initial media run for F10)
* vwbusguy asked if anyone was hanging out in #fedora which also led
us to talking about triaging. A call was made for us to hang out in
ff.o #fedora and triage bugs especially with the run up to release and
the loads of activity shortly thereafter.
** Discussed how an initial run of x86 Live media should be available
very shortly after F10 GA with other runs to hopefully follow
** Discussed means (ie ordering media from Karlie Robinson) of
handling PPC, Source, Spins, etc.
*Division of Eastern NA region into Northeast and Southeast - With the
bulk of NA Ambassadors being on or near the East coast  - we've
previously discussed dividing the region into two regions - and last
night we made that official. Brian Powell (DemonJester) stepped up to
become the NE Regional Ambassador and to take care of reorganizing the
the Regions page.
* Discussion of the IRC classes that are coming up shortly.

Minutes will follow in a bit.

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