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Re: [Ambassadors] FAMSCo nominations

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 2:39 PM, Max Spevack < email_hidden > wrote:
> Hi Ambassadors,
> The Fedora election season is coming up soon.
> Currently, it is the nomination time for Fedora Ambassadors Steering
> Committee.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Election/2008Nominations
> You are welcome to nominate yourself, or to nominate someone else. However,
> if you nominate someone else, you should make sure that the person actually
> wants to be nominated, and that the person is willing to fill out the
> information on the page.

Hello Max and everyone,

I would like to nominate someone very special "JoergSimon".

I met "JoergSimon" for the first time during LinuxTag Wiesbaden (as a
Fedora booth member) three years ago. During that event, GeroldKassube
and I encouraged him to join in as a Fedora Ambassador, which he
joined. Even though years has passed, events organized, events
participated, he still shares and holds that enthusiasm and his smile
he had since the beginning.

A FAMSCo member should listen and get things done. No one can deny
that JoergSimon hasn't work hard to make things done.
- Without him (and his car), several BIG events in Germany and Belgium
would not be properly set up. His continuous effort to improve
Fedora's booth image (events after events) and marketing quality, has
made every Fedora European Ambassador proud. Proud to be unique and be
part of this Fedora "Blue men" team, whether Europe or abroad.
- He initiated the Fedora Polo shirt that many Fedora Ambassadors like to wear.
- He played a key role in gathering Fedora European marketing
contributors+ambassadors together. During the hard times to get people
from different countries talk and discuss in a foreign
language(english), he was there to encourage talks.
- Though he didn't understand French, he assisted ThomasCanniot's
presentation in French (during FOSDEM2007) to engage trust between
Fedora community member. At the end of the presentation, many Fedora
French contributors expressed their appreciation for his efforts
during Fedora EMEA hard times.

Getting things done, takes time, Time, TIME  and patience, during the
last months JoergSimon was actively contributing to keep and promote
that Fedora Ambassador infrastructure we have constructed since years.
(Please have a look at your email archives!)

A very good Fedora ambassador is also someone who can find the right
contributor for the right task. JoergSimon introduced the right
contributor to the right task. One example is introducing
ThibaultNorth to me to work on Fedora Electronic Lab.

Likewise, most of his contributions reflect someone who knows Fedora's
current internal situations and its needs. I will be proud to have him
as a FAMSCo member.

JoergSimon is not only a Fedora contributor to me, but a friend. Thus
I would like to nominate this friend.

Kind regards,

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