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Re: [Ambassadors] Q4 (December - February) Ambassadors budget

In April is the FLISOL for LATAM, we have to coordinate with the people who organize it, the problem is exact day because they don't know.


Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira wrote:
Max Spevack escreveu:
Hi all,

In the next week or so, I'd like to begin the process of finalizing the
budget for events and Ambassadors in Q4 (December, January, and February).


North America, EMEA, and Asia are pretty full already -- thank you for
everyone who got your events added to the page.

However, the LATAM (Central & South America) region is empty.  Rodrigo,
is there anything we need to add for those months, or is that a quiet
period in your region?


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Hi Max.

That period is very quiet in our region, but i will talk with the LATAM
ambassadors about events and budget.

Thanks by your support to LATAM.


Carlos Manjarrez

charlymanja fedoraproject org
ID: A86964ED
Finger Print: F7F5 EB32 D657 8F0C 995C 84CD 0D52 BF8C A869 64ED

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