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[Ambassadors] nominating Larry Cafiero for FAMSCo


This last Saturday I sat down at a cafe with my (new) friend Larry
Cafiero, while our kids played spies in the background.  We were
discussing the future of Lindependence[1], an upstream event he has
helped lead from idea through to two running instances.

Larry joined us formally in Fedora Ambassadors around six months ago,
and in that time he has:

* Helped organize and run the Fedora booth at Linuxworld SF

* Organized and ran Lindependence in Felton, CA and Beaverton
  (Portland), OR

  - Lindependence in Felton was several events over the course of the
    month, and Larry provided the Fedora presence at the two events
    that I was not able to attend. At the last one, I was there with
    the parts of the new Event Kit, while Larry kept a general open
    source table with Red Hat's 'Truth Happens' video.  All that in
    addition to being a lead organizer for the entire event, which is
    a distro-agnostic that is an upstream, viral event.  He is next
    working on the "How to run a Lindependence event" guide so anyone
    in small towns across the country can organize and run their own
    Lindependence Day.

* Organized multiple installfests as part of Cabrillo College's
  GNU/Linux user group, maintaining the Fedora part when I could not
  be there.  Larry was last year's CG/LUG President.

* On his trip to Portland, OR for Lindependence, Larry stopped at
  Oregon State University (OSU) to talk with a graduate class and the
  campus LUG.  In talking with the graduate students, he talked about
  getting involved in open source in general, using Fedora as an
  example.  This approach works very well -- it's not about convincing
  people to join Fedora, but to join FLOSS, and that Fedora is one of
  the many things to do out there.  Great evangelism!

I first heard about Larry from a Red Hat colleague (thanks Tomen!) who
met him at the MySQL conference earlier this year.  Larry was tabling
for Lindependence.

Larry is a long-time journalist who discovered FLOSS more recently.
In the spirit of Ambassadors around the world, Larry puts all of
himself, his personal funds, and time in to his events.  I'm fortunate
to have this passionate and kind Ambassador living in my area to
partner with on local events.  It has gotten me out of my shell for
the first time and in to the local community doing good FLOSS work.

Thanks, Larry, and you certainly have my vote.

- Karsten
[1] http://www.lindependence.net/
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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