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Re: [Ambassadors] thinking about 2009

Le Mon, 10 Nov 2008 13:44:59 +0100 (CET),
Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com> a écrit :

> Hello Ambassadors,
> With the FAmSCo election coming up in a few weeks, I think it is
> worth having a discussion about what FAmSCo's mission should be for
> the coming year, the ways FAmSCo is useful, and the places that it
> needs to improve.
> Please share your thoughts on any of the following topics.
> (1) Do you like the "regional accountability" model that we are
> trying to create for Ambassadors?  This means having recognized
> leaders in each part of the world who are responsible for making sure
> that Ambassadors in that region get the resources that they need?

Yes I do, sir. I think however that FAMSCo should look more into
finding new leaders in under developped / not known area so as to
assure we have a global Ambassador Project and that we don't have
people working hard on promoting Fedora alone, without FAMSCo help.

> (2) Are the regional IRC meetings useful for organizing events and 
> getting things done?  Does this model mean that FAmSCo is not needed
> for event organization?

Local meetings are useful. But this does not mean FAMSCo is not need to
event organization : why FAMSCo shouldn't take up the organization of an
event when no local ambassador decides to do it ? Some big events are
to be done and FAMSCo could be active in organizing when there is a
lack of human resources in some areas. 
Moreover, FAMSCo should be active in giving advice in organizing events
even if it is not something we did very much over the past year, but I
think some people would appreciate to know FAMSCo is here to help them
achieve the organization of their event.

> (3) What do you think FAmSCo should focus on?

It should focus on joining the Ambassador Project as easy as possible.
I see the Ambassador Project as a first way to start contributing
inside the project, then it should serve as a showcase of transparency
so as to give future contributors the will to join.
FAMSCo should also strengthen its capacity to be a link between people
and have them work together.
FAMSCo should also look into undercovered area and launch call to local
user to step into the Ambassador Project to be sure the voice of Fedora
is spread in every global areas.


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