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Re: [Ambassadors] FAMSCo nominations

Max Spevack wrote:

> You are welcome to nominate yourself, or to nominate someone else.
> However, if you nominate someone else, you should make sure that the
> person actually wants to be nominated, and that the person is willing to
> fill out the information on the page.

I would like nominate Susmit Shannigrahi for FAMSCo. I have had a small
chat with Susmit on this and he's agreed to the idea (and thus would be
filling out the information on the page). Susmit began his participation
in The Fedora Project with a small but significant task - setting up,
administering and maintaining a mirror for an university in the state of
West Bengal. But he soon began taking active interest in Fedora
Ambassador stuff including taking steps to organize IRC meetings.

Susmit does a whole lot of other stuff as well - FreeMedia stuff,
speaking/presentation stuff. He is methodical, he is passionate, he is
patient and he believes in the Fedora ethos of



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