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Re: [Ambassadors] About Fedora Contribution and probation

2008/11/16 gnu boi <gnu boi gmail com>:
> Hi Everybody,
> I am Ujjwol Lamichhane. In the fedora wiki it is written that,

Hi Ujjawol,
If I am not wrong this is your first mail to the list.
So, welcome.

> What does contributing here means?

Contributing here means, something to promote Fedora in _your_ way.

> And in Fedora 10 Release Party in
> Kathmandu, i am giving presentation on fedora 10's features, and giving
> fedora 10 release news to local news media, blogging on fedora 10 on my
> blog, also writing article in local magazine of nepal open-source community,
> FOSS Nepal.

Great works. Keep it up and keep us updated about it.
Whatever you do for Fedora, please drop a mail to this list, so that
we can also share the pleasure. :)

> Will this task makes me permanent ambassador not "on probation".

Don't bother about this too much. Probation is not strictly enforced here.
But try contributing in a regular way.
Let's make Fedora happening all over the world.
Thanks again.

> Thanks
> Everybody
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