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Re: [Ambassadors] How do you enforce someone to work on something?

2008/11/16 Yuan Yijun <bbbush yuan gmail com>:
> Hi,
> As title, suppose an ambassador wants to do something, and he or she

Ok, I think both Joerg and Chitlesh emails clearly answer all your questions.

Just let me add/underline few things that I personally think must be
taken in consideration when we talk about ambassadors and, generally,
about volounteers.

First of all: we can't force nobody to do something, both because we
are a community made mainly by volunteers and because what someone
does, in order to get results, has to be done with passion/personal
motivation and, absolutely, with community support too.

I see you are paying attention to the situation around you, I see
moreover you are asking what FAmSCo could do for you. The answer is
simple: help you; whenever you have doubt (like this one), FAmSCo and
the whole Ambassadors community is here to see for a solution. FAmSCo,
for the reason I told you above, can't force anyone doing something
but it can follow ambassadors in their "ambassadorial" life, training
them, supporting them and motivating people.

I think you should continue working on the website, trying to create a
contact between chinese users and Fedora community: you aren't alone,
there is a big community formed by people with different point of
views but with the same passion: Fedora and the community. Let the
other people do what they want to do: if they follow Fedora spirit,
I'm sure everything could be a new brick in the big wall we are

Stay sure you are part of Fedora community and your work is taken in

If you still have questions/doubts do not esitate to ask here.

Best regards

Francesco Ugolini

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