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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Summary from 2008-11-12

* FAmSCo Elections

  Encouragement was given to all ambassadors to consider either running
  for FAmSCo or to nominate others to do so. While many NA ambassadors
  are receiving encouragement to run many feel that either they haven't
  been involved long enough in the their roles as ambassadors, perhaps
  haven't contributed enough to the project yet, or feel that they are
  currently so busy working within the NA group trying to get it off the
  ground again that adding more commitments to their time might be a
  distraction from the work they are currently doing.

  The NA ambassadors have a presence on the FAmSCo ballot now and more
  ambassadors are currently considering (and being encouraged) to add
  their names to the list.

  The NA ambassadors would like to thank ambassadors from around the world
  who are encouraging us, not only to run for FAmSCo but also in all our
  other endeavors to make the ambassadors in NA a more effective group of

* FUDcon (F12) Discussion

  Continuing discussion about the process to get some alternative sites
  considered for the F12 FUDcon next summer ... inode0 will continue
  working with the Southeast Linuxfest organizers to try to get at
  least one proposal on the table for colocating at that event in June.
  Others are still looking into several other locations and we are at
  the point where some serious groundwork needs to be done in order for
  any site to be considered. Any proposals need to be done by December.

* Open Floor

  Brian Powell contacted someone in Montreal about having a Fedora event
  at a summer conference there - waiting to here back for more information

  The first run of F10 media was ordered for NA and should be available in
  December. Depending on scheduling and shipping these may or may not be
  available for later December release parties.

I would again like to thank all the participants, especially the new
ambassadors joining us for the first time tonight.

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