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[Ambassadors] Release Events - Promotion


It's time to think about the promotion side of Release Events, I just
sent you sometimes ago a map of the release event, during this week
I'll try to improve it and release as soon as I can (but sure, before
the beginning of release events).

I think, moreover, it's time to write something about these events in
the planet (trough your blogs) and in Fedora Weekly News. BTW, I'm
going to write something for Fedora Announce too, I don't know if it
would be possible to take some space there, but I'm sure we will find
a solution.

So, I'm inviting events owners/attendees to let the world know about
their events: this will be one of the crucial step of the release
events organization.

Tell me if I wasn't clear and if you have questions/suggestion for
this task and for the general organization too.

Best regards

Francesco Ugolini

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