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[Ambassadors] I will vote for Padula for Famsco

Although I identify all of the nominees as excellent collaborators of the project, my highest vote is going to be for Rodrigo Padula for a seat in the Famsco.

This isn't only because of the importance that all regions be represented in the committee, but also because I know the work that Rodrigo has done for the project and I have myself experienced his commitment and support.
I also know that there are other excellent ambassadors in the region working hard for our common purpose, but at this time it is my belief that Rodrigo being at famsco assures continuity to the project of consolidating Fedora in our region.
Rodrigo is a young man with a lot of tasks and responsibilities but he always manages things up so he can attend them in an excellent manner.

María in Venezuela, Diego in Colombia, Neville in Nicaragua, Juan in México and many others in the region we had witnessed this effort very closely, so I invite you all to vote for Padula so the steps he has taken would lead to a successful achievement of the started activities.

I recognize that all nominees are excellent persons in our team, this is why I won't mention everyone of them because it wouldn't be fair to skip one of them or to mention less merits that they deserve,  but I will throw an exception and say that Larry Cafiero "the free software guy" is also a great option to represent us. Larry, you've got my vote.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm

Alejandro Acosta
Fedora Ambassador / Chihuahua, MX
aacosta fedoraproject org

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