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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Summary from 2008-09-30

Rashadul Islam led the meeting.

*  Lengthy discussion regarding recruiting new contributors for
Fedora. Out of this discussion a suggestion was made to invite members
of the various projects within Fedora to briefly discuss their project
as well as what there current needs are in the realm of new
contributors to the Fedora Ambassadors so we can better understand
what they do and how to help them. Next week a member of the Art Team
will be invited.

* Current status of tasks

- Ambassador Polo's second Round orders have shipped with the
exception of Santosh Kumar. If you are or know this Ambassador please
have him contact pascal with his shipping address.

- FADNA2008 Updates. Discussions about actively including remote users
who are not able to attend. Currently audio only due to time
constraints. Other discussions were about some swag for the event,
food and activities.

Thanks to all the participants@



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