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Re: [Ambassadors] [Reminder] FAMNA Mee ting @ 2008-10-14 7pm – 8pm (Personal)

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 11:48 AM, Leo Jackson <lajjr yahoo com> wrote:
> To All,
> I had a event in Scranton Oct 9 - 13 2008, but no one showed on the 13 but all good it wasn't listed in the newspaper add due to holiday. I received disks for the Admins 75 total 50 x86 DVD install 25 x86 live . The whole event was 429 people from two local colleges up here  U of S and Marywood We spoke of open source and fedora OLPC it was great. Yesterday I was worn out due to fix and to get the systems running they were coming till almost 12 midnight 11:50 exactly. Today some of the same. I showed them http://irc.freenode.com and the channel for fedora and open source etc. I have been trying to get all pictures together but to no avail I will post up dates with pictures and possible the video on my site and link to it from here. We want to do this again soon, and we have a Penn state campus up here. I would like to go the computers labs and Vo-tech as well that deal with IT and computer software and programming. I would also like to add high schools
>  to this as well.
> Leo Albert Jackson Jr
> Owner Head Programmer
> LJ's Electronics and Software
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In the future if you have any events planned and you would like or
need help with it from another Ambassador give me some heads up on it
and I may be able to make the trip down to help you out, if you want
or need it.

My wife and I still have family in PA and I can turn it into a mini vacation.



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