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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Summary from 2008-10-15

inode0 was roped into leading the meeting.

* Jon Stanley introduced us to the madness of bug triaging. We went over
  the process involved in joining the group, how to get started once the
  formalities are finished, how to find bugs to triage, identify low hanging
  bugs that beginners can process, where to get help on more advanced issues
  or just get some feedback that what you've done is correct.

  inode0 volunteered to be an example of a new bug triager and went through
  the process live during the meeting - triaging his first bug. Several of
  the ambassadors are going to triage some bugs this week and join the weekly
  triage meeting next week to report about our experience and have further

* Ohio LinuxFest Report

  Several ambassadors reported on their impressions of OLF. Everyone was
  very pleased with event and especially with the buzz of constant activity
  at the Fedora booth. The first NA event box was in use and on display.
  In addition to the generous contribution of 4 XO laptops from OLPC it
  now looks like we have a commitment from HP to provide us with 4 2133
  netbooks to also travel around the continent in our event boxes and be used
  at Fedora booths everywhere. Thanks OLPC and HP for your support.

* Fedora Ambassador Day NA

  Several ambassadors also reported on the first FADNA event held mostly the
  day following OLF. I'm sure those of us lucky enough to attend this will
  look back fondly in years to come recalling it as a seminal moment in the
  NA ambassador program. We would encourage all to read the many blogs that
  have already hit the planet and this mailing list concerning details of
  the event. A collection of notes from the meetings is also available at


* Miscellaneous other business was discussed and the meeting adjourned.

I would again like to thank all the participants, especially the new
ambassadors joining us for the first time tonight and our guest speaker
Jon Stanley.

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