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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Summary from 2008-10-21

This summary is from the meeting minutes at

== DOCS ==

The first 45 minutes or so was dedicated to the Join process for the
DocsProject.  Karsten 'quaid' Wade and Jared Smith joined us to
understand how we could better mentor new contributors wishing to
participate in the Docs Project.

We gained the following knowledge from this discussion:  (from

* Joining Docs is simple and only requires
** A burning desire to explain stuff better
** Joining the fedora-docs-list mailing list and sending a self-introduction
** Creating a FAS Account and requesting bugzilla, wiki and other docs
related groups
** Knowing where to go next to start documenting

This final step seemed to be the point where many people would not
continue.  It continues the theme from Art and BugZappers from weeks
before.  The discussion included several links from the DocsProject
section of the wiki showing what work was available and how to get

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Beats <-- work a beat, especially
if you have knowledge in this area or want to improve your skill in
the area.
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Beats/HowTo <-- If you don't know
how to work a beat, read this

One point that came out was that many of the Beats could and/or should
be written by those already involved in the SIG.  It makes sense that
this should happen, but many of the SIGs don't know or don't want to
participate, despite the efforts from Docs.

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/WritingUsingTheWiki <-- Docs
are written on the Wiki and there is no need to understand how to use
DocBook or Publican.

We discussed wiki gardening as something Ambassadors might be able to
help with.  As it really fits within everyone's best interest.  Even
if it's ultimately part of Docs responsibility.

>From IRC Karsten explained Wiki Gardening like this:

< quaid> the wiki is so big and getting bigger
< quaid> that the only way to reign over it is to imagine it like a
gigantic park
< quaid> and we are the stewards
< quaid> so wherever we go, we keep a pair pruning shears, a small
garden trowel, and are ready to:
< quaid> * prune pages
< quaid> ** converting long ones into smaller
< quaid> * organizing
< quaid> ** adding pages to Category:Foo
< quaid> * composting
< quaid> ** moving old pages to Archive:Old/Wiki/PageNameMostLikely
< quaid> ** moving meetings to Meeting:
< quaid> * watching certain pages
< quaid> ** needs love
< quaid> etc.
< quaid> we provide a general map of how things should go;

This will be used to evaluate the new Join process being developed by
Fedora Ambassadors as well as the new Mentoring project taken on by
FAmNA overall.

Special thanks to quaid and jsmith for their input.

== TASKS ==

The next topic was the tasks left over from the previous weeks.  They
can be found: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Tasks

1 A discussion of starting 3 more EventBoxen was seen as a positive.
** David, John and Rashadul should start to look into using
discretionary funds to purchase the actual box.

2 The Event Tracking page on the wiki is weak and doesn't get updated well.
** The suggestion was to move the reports of events to the NA section
of the FedoraEvents page on the wiki with a new column in the table.
** Adding events after the fact would not be an issue and links to the
reports could easily be found here
** Blogging about this concept will be happening over the next few
weeks after we create this new column

3 Media Production came up again
** Pricing has been in place for some time, but we've not heard
approval from FAmSCo
** Efforts will be made to get that into the next FAmSCo meeting.
Jeffrey Tadlock will be informed that we'd like this done soon.

4 EventBox Shipping Policy
** Draft Policy is started, needs more updates and input.  <--
** This discussion clearly isn't settled as many feel strongly about
what should happen between events and who should pay the costs
** As it stands there is only one EventBox which affects its
availability to events (see #1 above) so shipping can get costly,
planning is important
** One idea was to add another column to the FedoraEvents page (NA
section) to request an EventBox.  Approval will happen like the budget
happens, about one month before the quarter, the schedule for the
EventBoxen should be in place.

All of this detail and attendees is available on the meeting page:

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