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Re: [Ambassadors] NA Ambassador IRC meeting

It wouldn't be such a problem if Indiana would just quit screwing with it's time zones.  Or else 9 would have been just right.  Blah.

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On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 8:39 PM,  <vwfoxguru gmail com> wrote:
> Thursday works better for me.  7 or 8 PM EST on Tuesday or Thursday.  9 gets pretty late with my new work schedule.

7 out east is 4 out west, not good. Anything before 6 on the west
coast is unlikely to be very effective at attracting people from that
side of the continent. If the meeting is on a work night I have a very
strong preference for Tuesday or Wednesday.

I do think the general idea of meeting when the most people can meet
is a great one. I just don't think it should be voted on and changed
on a monthly basis. The ambassador pool will be growing if we are
successful in our mission and what is the best time will also be

Another option I'll float now, even though I know there will be some
resistance to it. There isn't any law requiring a weekly meeting to
meet the same day and time each week. Doing otherwise has two
drawbacks at least. One is that some people will just get confused
about when the meeting is and miss it. The other is that we get
something of a Venn diagram of participants, some attending at all
times, some at one, some at another. Having a unified voice and making
joint decisions at meetings is then problematic.

Despite those problems I would prefer an alternating schedule of 9pm
EST on Tuesdays with another time that makes people reasonably happy
the following week. If that day were Monday or Wednesday there
wouldn't be much impact from long or short weeks. If the time comes
when we scale back to maybe two meetings per month this might work
better, 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday or something like that.


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