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Re: [Ambassadors] APAC ambassadors meeting log. 09-07-2008

On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 10:00 AM, susmit shannigrahi
<thinklinux ssh gmail com> wrote:

> <shambo> susmit we have a event on 20 sept
> <susmit> dipanjanc, mail me offlist
> <dipanjanc> ok
> <susmit> is it listed
> <susmit> ?
> * makghosh (n=Joy 117 201 96 28) has joined #fedora-meeting
> <shambo> check out  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
> <susmit> which one?
> * warren (n=warren redhat/wombat/warren) has joined #fedora-meeting
> <shambo> owner A. Mani
> <susmit> oh..ok
> <susmit> SFD
> <shambo> yes
> <susmit> do you need any assistance?
> <susmit> not money
> <susmit> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget
> does not show your event
> <shambo> yes can i attend it . im not an ambassador
> <susmit> of course
> <shambo> ok
> <dipanjanc> can anyone give me the venue in Kolkata for this?
> <shambo> where is the event in kolkata no details is given
> <susmit> but that depends on the organisers, within fedora, if you are
> not an Ambassador its not a problem..
> <susmit> but why don't be one?
> <Subhodip> no offence ...aren't we deviating from agenda ..we are
> still stuck with Q3 ..
> <susmit> Subhodip, and its the last one :D
> <susmit> but yes, shambo mail Mani A.
> <susmit> anyone else?
> <shambo> ok

The Kolkata team's SFD page is


The event will be at DPS ( NAM Complex, New Alipore), unless we have
too many participants.

I will update the Fedora page soon.

For the event we will be having media from Ubuntu, Fedora and possibly
OpenSuse. A problem is we have very limited 64-bit media and plenty of
32-bit media.

Of course, everybody is welcome to join us.


A. Mani

A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc

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