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[Ambassadors] NA Ambassadors Meeting 2008-09-03 Meeting Summary

David Nalley led the meeting.

* News from FAmSCo - Jeffrey Tadlock, work on budget and is keeping
  FAmSCo updated on what NA ambassadors are up to.

* Current status of tasks

  + Event Boxes: Report on container investigation and the prospect of
    being able to include a notebook and/or an XO resulted in quite a
    bit of discussion including reconsidering Event Box contents and
    how to resupply them if they include consumable items (i.e., swag).

  + Media: Final price quote of $0.576 each for 3000 pieces including
    media, printing, sleeves. While this is a fantastic price some are
    concerned about media not being a line item in the budget when it
    consumes so much of the quarterly budget and might exceed the volume
    necessary for the quarter.

  + FAD: some blogs appeared this week, more expected.

// Very nice education discussion about how Fedora ambassadors might
// approach typical High Schools spun off with ianweller and ricky which
// was followed by another discussion of more general education issues
// mostly affecting Colleges and Universities with ctyler and themayor.

  + Desire was expressed to finish up work on wiki page for what NA Fedora
    ambassadors are expected to do (musts/shoulds/coulds) so that it can
    get out of draft status.

  + Polos: second round of polo shirts for NA ambassadors will go out
    next week. We can't thank pcalarco enough for his work on these.

I would again like to thank all the participants, especially the new
ambassadors joining us for the first time tonight.

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