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Re: [Ambassadors] F10 Release Parties preparatory meeting

2008/9/12 Rishikesh Sharma <rishikesh fedoraproject org>:
> My Release Party and Install fest is on dec 2008. Do i need to attend
> the meeting which is proposed on tuesday. Please clarify me.

We are discussing about Release Party that are organized after the
General Availability (1 week> GA> 2/3weeks).

If you are interested you can join the meeting and make your questions.

2008/9/12 Rafael Gomes <linux rafa gmail com>:
> We from Bahia - Brazil will have a F10 Release Party too, but I'm confused,
> we must add it to the Fedora Events[1] or here[2]?

We have created page 2 to have a unique and clear list of Release
Event, so 2 it's the best place now.

2008/9/12 Larry Cafiero <larry cafiero gmail com>:
> To arrange this, I'd like to know if there's any idea when F10 will be
> ready (within a couple of weeks would be fine).

According to this
the General Availability is set to Tue 2008-11-18. I don't know if it
could be considered definitive or near-to-be-definitive.

2008/9/12 Shambo Bose <shambo linux gmail com>:
> 21.00 UTC means 2.30 am IST .
> the timing is odd for any ambassador from India.

What is your preferred time?

See http://www.timeanddate.com/ to understand how your preferred time
could fit with the other ones.

2008/9/12 sathish m babu <sasuda rediffmail com>:
> hi
> i m new to fedora ambassadors project and
> i hav to know what to do for this release party
> i m willing to invlove in this

First of all see if near you someone from Ambassadors Project is
organizing a Release Party, if no, you could see the first mail I sent
in this thread to understand how to organize a event. After, if you
have specific questions, feel free to ask in a new thread.

I hope to have cleared all the doubts.


Francesco Ugolini

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