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Re: [Ambassadors] Ambassadors list

2008/9/12 JoergSimon <jsimon fedoraproject org>:
> Am Freitag, 12. September 2008 19:11:10 schrieb Paul W. Frields:
>> * Reduces overhead for moderators like Joerg
> This is false, because Ambassador Group Membership requires Ambassador
> Mailinglist Membership i have to check every unsubscribe in FAS to be sure
> he is not a Ambassador. This will increase much.

Unless it weren't even a requirement to belong to FAS, in which case
you wouldn't have to do any of this.

>> * Increases cross-project collaboration
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-ambassadors-list/2007-March/msg00011.html
>> * As Karsten noted, promotes a wider labor pool for getting involved
> Paul, you are sure that you do not want to kill the Ambassadors Initiative?
> ;)

I'm sure none of us who feel opening up the list is a good idea wants
to kill it, quite the opposite.

Is the fedora-art-list membership restricted in any way beyond
requiring a random person with a valid email account somewhere to sign
up for it? How does interacting with the community at large, not just
the Fedora community, impact the art team in positive and negative

I guess the issue is really what purpose do we have in mind for the
list? How might the opportunities for broadening the conversation
involving ambassadors be different with an open list? Other Fedora
contributors could interact with us using it, they could also join the
group and do that now. Not an overly high hurdle. Others outside the
Fedora contributor community could also interact with us directly.
That may well come with a cost. There might be some noise introduced
to the list that it is insulated from now. There might also be
opportunities to form new partnerships, interest new people in
joining, learn from others who might contact us about similar issues
that we are discussing at the time.

I see potential benefits to opening the list up to anyone. I also see
some risk, but the risk seems limited to a bit of extra noise one
learns to ignore or filter on many lists anyway.

> btw.
> Opening Fedora Ambassadors List would end in a Second Marketing List!

Why? The marketing list has a well defined purpose explained clearly
on the sign-up page. Since the ambassador list has no such description
of its purpose it could be anything now. We could easily at to that
sign-up page an equally clear explanation of its purpose, once we
decide or understand what that purpose is.


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