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Re: [Ambassadors] Ambassadors list

2008/9/14 Frank Murphy <frankly3d gmail com>:
> On Sun, 2008-09-14 at 20:15 +0800, Jason Benedict Low wrote:
>> >
>> how about taking this opportunity to do a vote for close or open.
>> Just my 2cts worth.
> I think we would be voting on a number of issue(s).
> 1: mailing list open \closed

I think instead of a vote, we have to evaluate the reasons. Paul asked
here for feedbacks/suggestions/proposals and we saw a lot of them, but
I think the decision must be taken not with a +1 or -1 but with a
reasoned thought. I'm sure the previous 50 messages contain a lot of
feedbacks and suggestions, and I don't see a reason to destroy them
with a no-sense +1, -1 (in the past we noticed that they didn't take a
conclusion, meanwhile a reasoned discussion taken to great results).

> 2: m-l Archives keep open \close.

This discussion was closed 2 years ago.

> 3: Some method for outsiders to pass comments

FAmSCo is working on a draft and will soon make public the decision,
according to all the lot of feedbacks, suggestions and concerns we
received. We aren't stealing power to the Ambassadors, we, instead,
are taking in consideration each mail, and we are spending our time
(sunday too) to search for a clear and reasonable solution.

After 3 years here, trust me when I said this is the best method to
have results.

I invite all of you to continue posting your opinion, your proposal
and your ideas about this topic: these are the real voting, trust me
when I say it.


Francesco Ugolini

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