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Re: [Ambassadors] Ambassadors list

2008/9/14 inode0 <inode0 gmail com>:

> I am going to recommend this as a topic for consideration at the FAD
> in North America next month. I would like to have a discussion there
> with ambassadors and don't want to rush any decision either. There is
> no urgency in making this decision in my opinion.

If everyone agree with this proposal I think everyone could be able to
take a pause and think about it.

Fedora EMEA has a well defined position regarding this issue, BTW,
there is still a open discussion in the NA community.

I'm asking you to pause (not stop) the discussion until NA ambassadors
will meet together and will express their opinion.

--------- Please Read It carefully ------------

Just to be clear, that what FAmSCo is working on:

First of all: FAmSCo will not change the Ambassadors list status.
Experienced people, who are here since the first beginning and helped
the project grown, explained well their concerns.

FAmSCo though a lot about the consequences: opening the list would
mean the lose of a place to discuss about Budget, Mentoring etc.,
topics that must be discussed only by Ambassadors.

It's really impossible to make a comparison between our list and the
other ones: Ambassadors List is a tool, not only a communication
means. While the other project using CVS (or a Track system) to store
their work, we use Ambassadors List to discuss about Budget and to
Train/Mentor people: we wouldn't be able to handle such things with
CVS or whatever else.

Ambassadors List is designed to be used only by Ambassadors, if
someone want to work with budget and/or mentoring new Ambassadors has
to join Ambassadors Project and became an Ambassador. Just it is.

The FAmSCo's plan (but it's still in a draft status) is to create
another list where ambassadors could promote their events and fedora
contributors could join the discussion. Just an example:

"Sempronio (an ambassadors) is organizing an event; the first step he
does is to add it in the Event Wiki Page and, then, send an email to
Ambassadors list: here he receives the first support from the other
ambassadors and can ask for resources, then FAmSCo post (in the same
list) the Quarter budget distribution. Sempronio see he receives xxx$
but he says, in the same list, that he needs more for X,Y,Z reasons.
He is luck and, after a brief discussion with FAmSCo and the other
Ambassadors, he receives zzz$. Now, he is happy but, unfortunately
nobody from Ambassadors could help him: he wish to have some talks at
the booth and maybe some helpful hands.
At this point, he sends an email to Fedora Event List: here he finds
someone who can help him organizing the booth and having a speech."
Sounds good?

This is a quite stupid story, but I hope it gives the idea of What
could mean have an Ambassadors list and a Event list. Imagine if
during the budget discussion 10 people (not ambassadors) will reply
asking "why giving him money?" or however talking where they can't
talk (in this case Budget).

You may have a question: why someone that isn't an ambassador can't
talk about budget? Simple, because if he wants to talk about this one,
he has to become an ambassadors. If you don't believe this answer is
reasonable there is a question for you: why Ambassadors project exist?
Why we are Ambassadors?

We are 100% sure that fedora contributors will be happy to give their
help in Event list and Ambassadors still continue to be Ambassadors,
without losing but solving the communication gap with the whole

I'll send a more detailed proposal after FAD NA 2008
---------------- End Of File ----------------------

So, before making it official we want to wait FAD NA 2008, that will
be held at the beginning of October (10th, if I'm not wrong).

Why wait?

The answer it's clear, they have to evaluate all the considerations
made by all the Ambassadors and after they will able to give a
position over this issue. I think EMEA Ambassadors, or most of them,
expressed the position. I hope to listen LATAM (Center America too)
and APAC position too.

If we will find some iron reasons not to apply FAmSCo draft, stay
sure, we will change it. But we are convinced that's the best way to
solve this, both for people that are "against" and for people that are
"for" the Ambassadors list opening.


Francesco Ugolini

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