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Re: [Ambassadors] SFD2008 - Nicaragua

2008/9/23 Neville A. Cross <nacross gmail com>:
> Hello,
> Just a short notice to report the SFD2008 celebration at Nicaragua [1].
> We gather around 1,300 person for the whole event, whit a
> participation of up to 750 at the conference room. At the conference
> room was a distribution of material including a folder with a CD with
> Open Source Software and slide of the conferences. It also included
> other relevant information. We manage to distribute 500 sheets (logos
> printed on colors) with information about Fedora Project and the local
> Fedora team in those folders.
> This event was coordinated by the Nicargua's Linux User Gruop, and we
> have different distros represented in this event. But because of my
> involvement all the computers that were borrowed from our venue, the
> Universidad Centroamericana[2], were all running fedora. This was 40
> pc at the workshops, 16 pc at the game contest area, 6 pc for
> registrations and the pc at the conference hall. All the computer
> running games had fedora stickers on the border of the monitor.
> Fedora Installs were number two, just behind openSUSE. We sold 45
> discs of fedora 9 and 15 discs fedora game spin (about US $1.5 each to
> regain founds for more disc and pamphlets). The only downside was the
> t-shirt sale. We only were able to sold one, mostly due shortage of
> help on the "market place". Any way we had almost 50 t-shirt ready for
> next event.
> For more info regarding the whole event, and not the Fedora highliths
> you can see the preliminary report [3]
> I am looking forward for include Nicaraguan events on the next budget,
> but by now we will focus on the F10 release party. We are planing what
> we can manage with our own resources, and we will be posting shortly
> when we secure a venue for the F10 release party.
> [1] http://linuxtour.org/sfd
> [2] http://www.uca.edu.ni
> [3] http://leogg.wordpress.com/2008/09/21/sfd-2008-preliminary-report/
> Neville A. Cross
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:yn1v

Great report and great job!

I'll take note of all the feedbacks you posted. Really thanks!


Francesco Ugolini

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