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Re: [Ambassadors] Cebit 2009


Thorsten Leemhuis lives in Hannover. I live a 100 km away, some others could be in the area too.

For Cebit 2008 (KDE) we rented an appartment for 400 Euros, where several people could stay the whole week.

CentOS and FSFE are interessted in doing a booth, we could combine our ressources.

Linuxtag is expensive, as there are too many people. Much more, than are needed to man the booth. Linuxtag is some kind of paid user-group-meeting, which is fun, but expensive. If we focus on how many people are really needed, the costs would decrease massive.

cu romal

On 30.09.2008 14:44 Uhr, Max Spevack wrote:
On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Robert M. Albrecht wrote:

who want`s to participate in Cebit 2009 ?


I think one of the decisions we must make at FAD is what kind (if any)
of Fedora presence we want at Cebit, LinuxTag, etc. There are a lot of
events, and we can't do them all. Especially Cebit and LinuxTag, which
are very expensive.


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