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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Summary from 2009-04-02

* Announcements

   - Fedora Classroom sessions this Saturday and Sunday


     All forms of partipation are encouraged

   - UTOSC is now ready to announce it's dates


   - The Board is having their public meeting/Q&A next Tuesday

   - Lindependence will be holding an event in New Mexico this year

* NA Event Sponsorship Planning

  There has been some recent discussion within FAmNA about how to best
  handle when and where Fedora might sponsor events in NA. The general
  motivation behind event sponsorship is that it is one part of being
  a good member of the event community we all benefit from participating
  in. While we need to recognize we can't sponsor all events, we do want
  to sponsor ones that we have a large presence at when our budget allows
  us to. This will need to be considered on a case by case basis. We intend
  to consider sponsorship of events as part of the initial budget process
  as a routine part of early event planning in the future.

  This quarter we will be sponsors of LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, WA
  and the SouthEast LinuxFest in Clemson, SC. The latter event will occur in
  Q2 of our fiscal year.

* Events [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents]

   - cprofitt mentioned possible involvement with an annual event run by
     the New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in


   - lcafiero talked more about the LFNW FAD's progress and various other
     items related to LFNW were also discussed

   - Confirmed NYLUG event with jds2001, all seems ready to go there

   - LUCI is being rescheduled for the fall

* Budget Review [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Budget]

   - Hints received and conveyed about dealing with budget issues soon

   - herlo reports progress on the banner investigation for our event boxes,
     some designs were discussed, decision from herlo coming soon

   - dthomasdigital has begun investigation of case badge options, quotes
     and style options available soon

   - davdunc volunteered to do the legwork to line up some options for
     temporary tattoos - will be news on these next week

   - StabbyMc suggested using ambassador polos as something of a reward,
     this needs to get some consideration as they certainly would be a reward

* Tasks [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Tasks]

   - No report

* Open Floor

   - StabbyMc shared a wiki page he started about mentoring with us


   - MadBus asked about ambassadors presenting to OEM vendors which resulted
     in much discussion about vendor contributions, Fedora on commercially
     available boxes, and Fedora in K-12 institutions

I would again like to thank all the participants, especially the new
ambassadors joining us for the first time tonight.

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