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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: [Fedora-freemedia-list] Re: [Fedora Freemedia] #1200: Jaydeep Prasad from INDIA wants a i386 DVD.

hi Frank,

>  If you find your neighbor or family in that group, it
> doesn't matter. And I also completely disagree thatĀ 
> people participating is looking for neighbor and family
> relation.
> > 
> But "freemedia requestors" are entitled to their dignity, I
> do not know theirĀ  welfare, as I guess neither do you.
> And what makes you think because they ask for media, anyone
> have a right to forward their details even their
> County\email to a public list.

To all who read my mail, I want to ask that did I ever said that I am interested in their personal affairs. No man, I just want the help those who face problem with linux (of course my knowledge will be a limit of my help).

And I was trying to ease the process and you said welfare, dignity, what is this man.

And for your information, when I receive a request for someone regarding media, I also get the address,  i said home address, so, now what. 

So, I again request you to read my request mail which i send earlier, with a cool mind.


Sunil Datta

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