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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Spirit videos

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Naresh KN wrote:
> I agree with you Andrew. We'll show the users that Fedora is the right
> distro by showing them what we have IN Fedora, by featuring the unique
> features that fedora created. What makes us feel proud as Fedora users.
> What sets us DISTINCTLY apart.
> About "promotional oriented" and "behind fedora", our objective should
> be, let's say we make a video of 2min, we'll have to show case the best
> of Fedora that after watching, the viewers would feel the true Spirit of
> Fedora and should really want to try their hands on one.
> I am so wanting to make this happen.
 I am glad I am not the only one who thought this a good idea. I know it
will probably not make the F11 release but this could be a project
geared towar f12 and on. Also we could include non video goods as well
such as audio tracks interviewing people like say Max or Paul should
they want to be a part of it. Also text interviews focusing on the power
of Fedora. I know there is a wealth of information out there that is so
cool about what makes Fedora different and most users never see it or
even know about it thus they can not truly appreciate the power of Fedora.

I think an important note I should add is this is not a Fedora is better
then your distro project this is merely a way to show the finer points
of Fedora and let the community decide for themselves which is better in
their eyes.

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