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Re: [Ambassadors] Mumbai, India Engg. Colleges interested in Fedora

Hiya Ankit,

Nice to see such an initiative being taken here in mumbai even. I'd like to
volunteer my services and the services of my staff to assist in this
venture. We should be able to make something pretty exciting happen. Do
contact me off-list, and we can work out the logistics and availability

R. K. Rajeev
(Serial Lurker)

On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 07:23:16 +0530, susmit shannigrahi
<thinklinux ssh gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Ankit,
> First I would request you to join fedora-india mailing list.
> www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-india.
>> Well, here is a little news, that is bright for us, a few Engg. Colleges
>> in
>> Mumbai, are keenly interested in going ahead, and having at least 1 Full
>> Fledged Open Source Lab. ;)
>> And through my contacts, i went ahead and pushed Fedora for the setup,
>> currently the pipeline is at the “talks level”, but is very
>> optimistic.
> That's a good news. And if successfully done, will be a wonderful work.
> Thanks for taking the initiative.
>> We will need the following during the setup phase:-
>> 1.     Complete setup guides, for novice users, which can be given
>> the
>> lab incharges, along with network install guides and setup disks /
>> Images.
> Please have a look here http://docs.fedoraproject.org/
> The setup/installation guide is there.
> However, the user guide isn't there for F10.
> I shall take it up with doc team, if there is any plan for a user guide
> F11.
> Setup disks/Images will not be a problem.
>> 2.     A technical support hand a place where they can post their
>> queries
>> and interact.
> They can ask any and all of their queries on fedora-india mailing list
> or #fedora-india.
> I can assure you, they will get all their answers. :)
>> 3.     And (only if required) someone who can actually go to these
>> colleges
>> and help during the setup.
> I think Debjit has already expressed his availability. I am cc'ing
> fedora-india (sorry for x-post) for a few more people to help you out
> with this.
>> Post the setup of the labs, i expect there to be a requirement of say a
>> training programme for students, in these colleges, or maybe (please
>> pardon
>> my ignorance) something like a fedora camp, or say a fedora centre for
>> Open
>> Minds, etc. Be setup in these colleges... i’m not aware of such
>> programs and
>> would request information from the mentors, on how to go about such a
>> scenario.
> You can organise a Fedora Activity Day,
> more on this can be found out
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD and
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_organize_a_FAD
> As for fedora center, there is nothing such,
> but you can push for a lug there and we will support it. (support may
> not in terms of money.)
>> Hope fully this development will bring us closer to our common goal J.
> Sure.
> And one request, please don't send html mail to lists, change your
> mail editor preference to plain-text while sending to the list.
> Again, thanks for the good initiative.
> I can assure you support from Fedora's part.
> If you have any question, please ask.

R. K. Rajeev
XLNC Enterprises
Open Source Consulting & Training

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