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[Ambassadors] Fedora México

Hey, guys!

Well, I'm a new Ambassador. I'm glad I finally decided to become one
and I hope I can do much for the community in my region.

Speaking of which, IMHO, México's community is weak regarding inner
collaboration. I've reviewed the list and saw many collaborators (not
as many as I would like) in México.

This is an attempt to bring unity to us. Juan Rodríguez and Me have
set up a facebook website called "Fedora México", which is an
extension of Juan's website: http://proyectofedora.org/mexico/

The sole intention is to bring, the mexican community, closer and to
be able to collaborate among us to make people more aware of Fedora.

Please, we're open to any kind of criticism/suggestion. Feel free to
reply and speak your mind!

Thanks again!

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!
Renich Bon Ciric


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