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Re: [Ambassadors] What to Do?


rules and guidelines are good till a certain point, if we establish a system 
where regulation and punishment is in place you will destroy every open 
Lets focus on how we can improve ourself and make a better job as ambassadors.
I see in the following thread, that people start to justify their behaivour as 
Ambassadors - maybe i am sensible because i am from former-east-germany - but 
is this the beginning of a witch hunt?  

On Sunday 09 August 2009 08:37:53 Frank Murphy (Frankly3D) wrote:
> > A example how this is done as a peer can be seen here:
> Where is the link to this on the Ambassador page?

Because this is something we are not proud of and  every single case should be 
handled carefull and with an individual scope.
I(we?) want not a Subsection in Ambassador where all People who made mistakes 
get listed or a case study how wrong behaivour has to be handled.

> The problem still exists,
> public being ignored,
> we carry on.

Contact point for public is the 
i have removed the link to "count by country" - which pointed to the 
User:Username Pages, which is not the reliable source to find an active 

On the Verification Page
are all Ambassadors listed who have an active FAS Account - we cleaned up over 
200 inactive Ambassadors in last weeks.
This is no guarantee, but it is the source where public should find the right 
Ambassador for the Job. Maybe we can discuss with Infrastructure to have 
MailingGroups for every CountryCode where public can send an email and contact 
the regional Group - i think this is a famsco discussion we should have in the 
next meeting

> If you cannot engage in dialogue, what then?
> as in my reply to David

I can not tell you the right way - i can only tell you, that i would write a 
line on his WikiPage that he can not act as an Ambassador at this time and 
people from public should contact the regional contact instead.
We have mentors to help to make the right decissions.

We are an foss project and we trust our contributors! I would much more love 
to see a culture where we promote people who made a good job as Ambassador by 
give them more ressources and reputation in form of mention their names as a 
good example! 

cu Joerg
Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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