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Re: [Ambassadors] More Guidance Needed

On 09/08/09 23:25, M Yakub Mizan wrote:
>> I think that in general situations you can write directly, then ask
>> regionally and then edit the wiki boldly.
> Before doing anything we should contact the Ambassador first.only
> regional ambassador should do that.(any action)

That would be a given. David Nalley has found a possible template?

> **as in my case, i used some other distribution than fedora as people
> around  used to say fedora is test ground for Redhat,all upcoming
> Redhat features and updates are tested in fedora so it is not  stable
> one. that easily trap ppl as a name redhat is involved with fedora as
> sponsor**

That is where as you then say, Fedora is a tesing ground for new ideas
for *all* of Linux, not just Redhat.
It is true Redhat will help defray some costs of the Fedora project,
but that does not mean Fedora is RedHat.

No more than the Olympic sponsor owns the Olympics.

> *public feedback should always be considered strongly. *
> we do develop best things ,we keep saying among ourselves and people
> are quite ignorant .thats where  the total project concept fall
> down.(sounds bad and sad)

Some useful thoughts have already been gathered for FamSco meetings.

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