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[Ambassadors] Modem ZTE user friendly installation.

Hello to all my dear ambassadors Friends,

Recently i have been giving seminars/workshops about Migrating from payed and/or pirated SO to Fedora 11.

One point that i have so much trouble is the configuration of the Modem 3G ZTE and equivalents, there is so much people willing to change from their old OS to Fedora 11, but the problem is they need to use this ZTE Modem, i have manage to configure it on my box, but the final user won't or don't want so much steps ( Troubles ) to make it work.

Is there some user friendly install of this modem, so people who don't have advance knowledge can do it them self?

Please, if you manage to help me, know that your help contributed to change about 50 user from OS ( with financial cost ) to Fedora 11.

Thanks in advance and my sincerest regards.

Fabio Jara

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